Google’s Road to success


1. Google was fast, Most search engines were, and are, but Google’s speed was designed to be especially noticeable – and if you don’t notice it yourself, the elapsed time of the search (0.35 seconds seemed pretty fast) was listed on the first page of your search result

2. Google was accurate, if you searched for a keyword, Google would highlight that word in each result it gave you, to show that you had gotten what you asked for. If you got something else, the highlighted keyword would indicate that maybe the problem was yours. But it could be fixed

3. Google was easy to understand, if you did get inappropriate result, Google had a help button that would clearly explain the procedure and demonstrate hot to repair the problem (the broken windows on your part ?) and get result you wanted.

4. Google was thorough. Other search engines would take your request and give you the top ten result (those most likely to be the site you were seeking) and give you more only if those weren’t good enough. Google gave you as many results as it could find, and let you sort through them. Yes, it ranked results by the sam criteria as the other engines, but it let you decide what was enough.

5 Google was free. Okay, so was every other search engine (except for specialized supersites like lexis-nexis), but when you are offering improvements on what’s available elsewhere, and you are still not charging anymore than competition (or in the case, not charging anything), you are in line to succed,

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