What went wrong to your business ?


What went wrong to your business ?

A company that believes itself to be too big and powerful to worry about customer service suffers from broken windows hubris, and unless it changes its ways, it will come to no good end.

Not paying more attention to customer service that to anything else is business suicide

When sales star to slip or business is not what it once was, blaming the consumer is not only counterproductive, it’s ridiculous. There is no point to saying that the wrong people are buying your product or service-the effort should go into providing the best possible experience for the reason who is doing the buying, and catering your whole business to that consumer.

Trying to find a new consumer instead of servicing the loyal customers you have is broken windows hubris at its most destructive.

Never assume you are smarter or more sophisticated that your customer. If you think you need to explain your business to the customers, perhaps you need the customer to explain your business to you.

You can’t fix a broken window by hiding it, a cracked pane of glass covered in clear plastic will still show the damage. Real repairs must be made, and made quickly, when a broken window is discovered

Broken Windows Broken Business, How the smallest remedise reap the bigger rewards
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