9 How to Maximize Google Adsense Revenue


9 How to Maximize Google Adsense Revenue

9 Ways of maximizing google adsense revenue. Google adsense is one of the advertising agency which is managed by the google and one of the largest advertising agencies in the world unity. Blog owners who received so publisher ad (google ads andsense) can increase revenue from this Internet through ads displayed on this website. We can cooperate with the google adsense and maximize your Adsense earnings by following the rules and privacy of google.

Optimizing google adsense revenue with its partner should be appropriately managing the adsense ads be optimized in order to collect the money coffers in the form of cash US dollars and for the payment of Google AdSense ads must have passed a minimum threshold of $ 100, to earn it a blog admin had to work hard from the start start building nince blog or multi blog.

Maximizing earnings google adsense different for each owner of the blog and before stepping into the topic title above we need to know first about the terms so google adsense publisher is very difficult because the criteria blogs and articles in it should be articles or original content not copy and paste and do not post articles that por smelled ... and do not present a pirated software, or blog perjud ..... will not be accepted as an advertising google adsense publisher.

To enjoy a paid ad is clicked by a visitor is very low and not a figment in the month receives a lot less than $ 100, there are several factors and tricks to earn money from google adsense.

So how to increase adsense earning it? More complete his review as follows:

Maximizing Adsense Revenue

1) .Increase Your Visitor / blog visitors

With the increase in visitors to your blog then penghasilanpun will grow, then post quality articles SEO, weighted, uniquely different from the others, and the article should be 400 words can be up to 2500 words, the article should be on optimization seo onpage and off page seo in order to compete with competitors and won pesaingan with the same keywords.

2). Creating a custom channel ad [custom channel]

Improve google adsense revenue in a way that is highly recommended in setting google adsense as create custom channels google adsense ads, please create a channel in its own name new channel specialized custom advertising, this method is very dominant because advertisers will come because you already targeting ad units are also size and name custom channel to advertisers, then as advertisers will benefit because the ads will appear by the same publisher of the blog is relevant as well.

For example, your blog describes the sports-themed iklanpun will appear sport then as a visitor when you're reading your article it will see the same ads that are relevant to the article in question and tejadilah legitimate clicks.

maximizing google adsense revenue

3). Optimize advert under article

According to our assessment advertisement ad script that is stored under the article has a high click value or at most, why advertising under many articles have clicks? for visitors who come usually want to read the article before and after menscrool down the ad will appear and have a relationship with the article above, until there is a valid click.

4). Ad formats must be maximum

As a publisher your google adsense ads should know fakor anything that can maximize the google adsense revenue, one of them choose an ad size usually has been provided by your email through google adsense as many advertisers measure often includes advertising in format 300 x 250- -336 x 280 and 300 x 600 250 x 250 size also is often used a lot of his ads and advertiser load will increase for higher incomes.

Please edit your ad in the adsense dashboard settings, set up three ad units that will be placed on the blog page, then select the type of text ads only, and later that memucul only text ads, why must select text ads? because according to google text ads demand is very high and a lot of clicks on text ads with the percentage reached 60% and 38% in the form of image ads for the rest of flash ads and more.

For example, you put an ad jumbo size 300 x 600 type of text ads, try to check for trial click the link url of your blog first then the ad appears the only text ads and the room was empty kebawahnya, but the fish text unique will appear after you or a visitor opens your blog page a second time or more, the ads will show more than 2 times to 7 text ads with text ads advertising options and the price of CPC / CPC expensive, this well proves the advertiser needs to know a lot of demand on text ads.

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